Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just thinking on some medical investments

My cousin asked me if I can buy her an affordable nebulizer for her allergy from my friend who is working in a medical company, specifically selling medicines. Since she is a medical representative, we thought that maybe she can have it on a discounted price, which reminds me that I should be calling her by now. Geez..

Speaking of medicine representatives, today is my Aunt’s death anniversary. She was once a medrep and became the director of a known medical corporation handling big products and technologies in the medicine field. It was just ironic that she was working for a medical company yet the medicines she were selling did not save her from her illness. But yes, life is finite.

With existing and future (mutation) diseases, medicines are partly becoming basic needs of man, a patch to life’s continuity.

There are emerging medicines, treatment facilities and technologies, which in no doubt is becoming a good business. Which led me to think, if I will be investing on such field, will it multiply the money I will risk? If yes, then I better look for the best medical penny stocks for investment. I know this is not easy way searching but well, the internet is always a good souce. Read more...

Friday, July 22, 2011

A filled cup

It's filled...

I reached for a cup of coffee while reading my favorite novel. Sipped. The moment of being 'alone' on a drizzling Monday morning is soothing, perhaps a fulfillment. A time like this is rare and I must enjoy every second of it. Love is the best word to describe it.

Over time, as I got intense on reading, the coffee went cold but the novel is still on its course. A heavy rain approached and I must get up from this sitting at the frontyard; closed the book and off for a shelter.

I left my cup under the rain and took it. The coffee was ruined but I still have the cup and have it filled again. The reading goes on.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Who wants a Driving License?

Being able to drive a car is likely something that everybody would love to do. There is a great feeling of excitement and rush when you are able to drive your favorite car. When were you able to get your license and be able to drive that automobile you really loved? I just got mine a few months ago and it was such a fulfillment having passed through the process.

How were you able to get your license? Everybody goes through the process of taking and passing the driving exam and like any other exams, it is no easy task. We either buy ourselves review materials and do self-study of over 100 pages manual or handbook or enroll ourselves on an online course. I remembered to have studied religiously over a license manual just to get my license (since I was dying to have one, grin). But hey, with the very busy lifestyle we have, do we have time over these? I was just fortunate that I was idle that time. Then a friend told me that we can actually take a review in a fast and convenient way. He said we can take free dmv practice test online and get tips and guidelines in getting our license the easy way. So for those who wish to take the California DMV, you might as well save your time reviewing by taking the practice test.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Starbucks in Davao

The opening of Abreeza Ayala Mall had made a lot of Davaoenos happy. Who would not? With over 66 (I heard) newly opened stores and first in Davao City, it is like having shopped in Cebu and Manila. Obviously, an edge to those who have been traveling and shopping afar but for those whose time and finances won't allow, the opening of the new mall is like a gateway to other places or even countries.

The opening of Starbucks in Abreeza, on its first day was filled and piled, even outside the stores, with many who want to have the first taste of it. While others jumped for excitement, there are others who tagged Davaoenos "ignorant" for being too shallow boasting about their Starbucks experience. But actually, for me, it was just excitement that filled these people to grab their cups. Of course, for many years a lot have longed to see it rise in Davao and to have a taste of it. And I am one of the many who is happy that this arrived in the city, although I would want that I can visit the shop too, soon.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao

The much-awaited mall in Davao City soft opened last May 12, 2011 bringing new and exciting (add to that, expensive) stores to shop from. Abreeza, a joint venture of Ayala Land and Anflocor, offers Davaoenos an experience like Makati and Cebu.

The opening was a total jampack with around 30 minutes queuing for a space to park. Although the mall was crowded, it was somehow a fulfillment seeing new stores opened like Nine West, Philip Stein, Paris Hilton, Xoxo, Vans, DCShoeCo, Cinderella, Aerosoles, Starbucks, etc. A lot of shops to shop in Abreeza!

Soon to witness are stores of Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Gap, Charles & Keith, Aldo, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and TGIF


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not the Same

As much as we wanted some things to happen, they just don't seem to happen the way we wanted. Likewise for people, we can't expect them to be the same as they "were". Time passes, stories told, people change. The person whom you thought you knew the most may turn out to be someone you will start knowing again. Might be, back to being strangers.

Either one chooses to forget or long, the "once" they had is already a history of their lives. Kind of natural, but sometimes, some people just can't get out of the trap because of some things they have considered the core of their beginnings, the feeling that "someone" had known "someone" forever. The reason why their hearts never chose to be a stranger on its own.

A Superb Performance by Carrie Underwood

I was actually, like ..... Well I was definitely speechless and for the whole duration of the song I was not moving an inch on my sitting (add to that the goosebumps). Carrie hit the notes perfectly and I was always in awe even on this infinite replays of the video. This duet of Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill for "How Great Thou Art" is proving to be a viral sensation on the internet. This Christian song fell deeply into my soul, moved me to solemnity like it carried me to a world of sanctity.

It is amazing how a country singer like Carrie could perform the song very well. Her rendition somehow made Christians and non-Christians (or maybe non-believers) appreciate God and His love for us.

Honestly, the song made me cry.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Spring came to visit. And just like the other 3 seasons, it comes and goes. Autumn is here and Winter is coming. The withered leaves sway with the wind like it's dancing in a sad sonata. The wind summons the cold breeze and soon, nothing is left but some twigs on the ground. But Summer will soon arrive and the Spring will again come bringing new hope, love and life. -9-12-25-7 =) Read more...

Monday, January 03, 2011

My Sister's Scrubs

I remembered how my younger sister asked me to buy her nursing scrubs for her scheduled duty for her training. I never bothered to ask her where to buy one so I just gave her money to buy it herself. There are a couple or more pairs from my elder sister but they don't fit my younger sister as she has bigger frame so she needed to buy her own.

I was not actually aware of what kind of uniforms they were as I only knew a pair of plain white top and pants nurses wear during training or at work. Until my sister bought her new pair of scrubs top and pants, it was only then I knew what they look like. Well, they look more comfortable than the typical nurses uniform and my sister preferred it more wearing them.

The scrubs pair are now hanging in the closets as they no longer fit her anymore. She's grown so big now that one leg of the pants can only fit her arms.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Top Filipino Endorsers of 2010

Philippines Survey says that three personalities top notched the list of the most credible endorsers in the Philippines for 2010. To top it all, Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio named as the most credible conducted by the Synergy Business Consultancy. After taking the 8 World Boxing titles, Manny has no doubt captured the trust of products/services and consumers garnering 47% respondents reported by

Vicky Belo, famous cosmetic surgeon, and Ma. Venus Raj, Ms. Universe 2010 5th Princess, followed next.